Hi everyone. My name is Alex, the brainchild behind Pangea Trails. We offer tours in and around South Africa for backpackers and budget travellers. From years of travelling in and around South Africa, we recognised the need for a cracker tour for young people and students to enjoy the highlights of South Africa. Outdoor sports, great people, fun and parties in the best beach bars – this is us.

Our tour – safe and fun

Pangea Trails is a safe way to experience South Africa between Johannesburg and South Africa along the Indian Ocean. The three week South African Explorer Tour is packed with stops in amazing and diverse places, offering an endless range of fun and exciting activities.

Big bus tours can get a bit boring for young travellers. I’m offering an intimate and fun tour with overnight stops at backpacker hostels where you can meet fellow travellers from around the world, where you can broaden their horizons and, of course, where you can have a great time.

Flexibility in our tours

Flexibility is essential for us and guests can create their own experiences and fill their time with the offerings and services they choose. We believe in creating an environment of freedom for the traveller. In the time not spent on the highlights and activities included on the tour, guests can choose whatever they want to do from a huge list of mind-blowing trips, sports and fun activities. Guests can create a wish list from the comprehensive list of activities on offer at the places we visit.

Sustainability and Eco-Tourism

Pangea Trails is committed to sustainable tourism and authentic travel experiences. Our travel concept orientates itself to reduce the carbon footprints of every client and all our partners we work with follow the same path. Our approach to all nature activities is just to leave our footprints in the environments we experience on our tours. As future generations of travellers still want to enjoy the same untouched nature areas we will enter throughout our trips we follow those basic rules strictly. We will encourage our guests to inform themselves about the efforts to reduce the carbon footprints at all places we stay on our tours.

Additionally, many of the places we stay in offer their services sustainably and support their local communities. Pangea Trails considers this as an essential part of the business’s “Corporate Social Responsibility” identity.

Pangea Trails Charity Bag

Pangea Trails runs a charity campaign on every tour. Guests are asked to bring one or two clothing items (shirts, shoes, pants etc.) which they don’t need any longer. We collect all the items together and make a stop on the tour at a charity organisation or NGO of our choice to hand over the present package. We will always choose a different one per tour. If you wanna make the little ones really happy, bring along some colouring pens and drawing books! They will love you forever!

Pangea Trails is a registered trademark representing the service provided by Alexander Wittig for and on behalf of and trading within the Van Schoor's Tours (Pty) Ltd. (Company registration:  1994/01449/07)