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Edventure International

EDventure International is a concept born of passion and experience that aims to inspire individuals by teaching them leadership skills, which are developed and enhanced through direct engagement with volunteer projects overseas.

The leadership and personal development focus within each of the programs allows participants the opportunity for substantial social, cultural, and personal growth. These dynamic and well-structured programs also encourage them to take what has been learned abroad, and apply it to a whole new world of opportunity in the future. An engaging and rewarding volunteer objective in both humanitarian and conservation projects affords participants the ability to work in many different venues for change. Programs range from working with under-privileged schools and orphanages, animal rehabilitation centers, or even overall social development projects, thus creating a measurable difference in each of these communities.

A highlight for EDventure participants is being able to fuse together these leadership and volunteer elements with the promise of adrenaline filled, and unbelievable eco-travel experiences through the best parts of each country we visit!