Ski and snowboarding courses

Snowboard (Beginner, 6 h): EUR 79,-
Snowboard (Advanced, 4 h): EUR 59,-
Snowboard (Secret tech. 4 h) EUR 59,-
Ski courses (10 h): around EUR 139,- (ski courses might be run by the French ski school ESF)

Ski and snowboardingear rental

H2o-Tours/ Pangea Trails is working with various rental places in St Francois Longchamp so that you can conveniently chose your rental gear for the holiday and H2o-Tours teamers will assist you at such places with fitting skis and snowboards or whatever other gear you need to be safe on the mountain. H2o-Tours/ Pangea Trails guests will receive a 10 – 15 % discount on all rental gear.