The studio apartments have all a general setup for living and holiday making: bathroom, little kitchenette with cooking utensils, cuttlery etc., a coffee machine, mostly a TV with satellite dish, balcony and skiing box. Never the less all apartments have a different layout in the various houses which makes it very hard for us to give you an exact description. As mentioned before France is convincing in regards to "value for money" rather then size of the apartment. If you like the have a little more space rather leave 1 - 2 beds open, otherwise get the best deal and cuddle up.

4 person studio > 20 sqm:

Living/ Bedroom with a double couch setup, kitchenette, dining room table, entrance area with bunk beds, bathroom

5 person studio > 25 sqm:

Living/ Bedroom with a double couch setup and one single bed, in most cases seperate room with double bed, kitchenette, dining room table, bathroom

As mentioned before the room layouts are varying here in regards to bed setups so that we cannot give a guarantee on the exact described allocation.